Altos Las Hormigas


High in the Andes mountain range Mount Aconcagua, which stands at over 6900 meters (22,000 ft), overlooks a vast, green oasis of vineyards called Mendoza. The region’s semi-desert climate, which produces large temperature differentials – a very hot daytime and very cool nights – and abundant run off water from the snow-capped Andes, makes it particularly suited for the cultivation of high quality grapes. Finca Altos Las Hormigas is situated in Luján de Cuyo about 800 meters (2600 ft.) above sea level, facing the Andes to the east, protected westward by a minor geological fold. The Estate is 206 hectares (530 acres), of which 40 hectares (100 acres) are planted with Malbec and 5.6 hectares (15 acres) with Bonarda. At the heart of the property stands the 2,000 square meter cellar, which is designed to have minimal impact on the land, but to achieve the best technical conditions in winemaking. - Extract from Altos Las Hormigas's website

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