Château de Manissy

Tavel, Rhône

At the gateway to Provence, on the right bank of the Rhône Valley, the le Château de Manissy, bathed by the sun and swept by the mistral, produces three grands crus : Tavel, Lirac and Cotes-du-Rhône. This bicentenary estate, property of the Missionary Fathers of the Holy Family was handed over to Florian André, a young winegrower, who makes nectars that will entice you, with passion and talent.

The Chateau de Manissy, property of the Missionaries of the Holy Family, has produced rosé wines since the beginning of the 20th century and acquired a famous reputation with its "Tête de Cuvé", a barrel-aged rosé. For the last few years, a young winegrower, Florian André carries on the traditional way of winemaking and creates two other rosés as well as several red wines and a white wine with talent. - Extract from Château de Manissy's website

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