Château de Nages

Côtes du Rhône, Rhône

In my family, generation after generation, we have passed on Château de Nages and a passion for wine, our vineyards, and the Mediterranean soil that nourishes them. Much of the 70-hectares of Château de Nages is planted with Syrah, which excels in our soil and bears color-drenched, concentrated, tannic grapes. Grenache is reserved for the poorer soils which temper its exuberance. In small doses, Mourvèdre confers an original, spicy complexity. After several trials, we discovered that certain parcels of our terroir had a predilection for Roussanne. Its tiny honey-colored berries release their aromatic richness in the wine. Grenache Blanc rounds the blends with its unique mineral note. - Extract from Château de Nages's website

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