Dobbins Creek

North Carolina, Yadkin Valley, Swan Creek

Located in North Carolina's Swan Creek AVA, the farm property was purchased in 1948 by Isom King as a farm for raising tobacco. Throughout the 1950's the King family raised tobacco on the exact location where the grapes are planted today. In the 1960's with tobacco production slowing down the farm was converted to pastureland. In the 1970's the farm was divided equally among five children. In the 1980's and 1990's the farm was used contiously for pastureland.
In 2000, one of Isom's sons, Charles King, purchased 2 of the 5 original tracts back from a brother and sister and, started Dobbins Creek Vineyards. Dobbins Creek vineyards gets its name from a large spring that originates on the property (just down the hill from the tasting room) this spring is part of the headwaters of Dobbins Creek.

- Extract from Dobbins Creek 's website