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Whereas Champagne wines are known worldwide, the soils they come from are not well known. And yet Champagne vineyards have existed since the beginning our era and an appellation d’origine contrôlée (protected designation of origin) defined its bounders in 1927. Its North orientated geographical situation, the severe weather conditions, the distinctiveness of its sub-soils and its implantation on the hillside all contribute to the elaboration of an orignal soil which give to Champagne wines, and in particular to those from Verzenay, their inimitable character.A historical Grand Cru, VERZENAY has 415 hectares of vines, planted with 86% Pinot Noir grapes which, because they adapt well to calcerous soils, give to the wines values of complexity, structure and strength. The white Chardonnay grapes, planted on 58 hectares, are also well suited to the Verzenay Grand Cru soils and their delicacy bring new balances to the vintages. "Les Correttes", "les Perthois", "les Bruyères", "les Hautes Coutures" : so many plot names, which, with all the grapes from the farm, give to the winemakers that we are, a product beyond compare, that encouarges us to make Passion and Tradition rhyme at their highest level. - Extract from Michel Arnould & Fils's website

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