Established in 1973 from an idea of Mario Barbero, the Winegrowers was composed of thirteen members in the area of Treiso. All Winegrowers related to the Langa hills, united by a common desire: to create a company able to work the grapes and bring to market a new brand, a symbol of a land dedicated to the great wines.

tip is immediately on Nebbiolo and to the end of the '70s, passing bottling. The growth is steady, thanks to the sacrifices of members, and the cellar are expanded in the 80s and armed with the most modern equipment, until the creation of the packaging department in 1990. Members look to the market immediately, with great attention abroad: the development of the area of Barbaresco, the pursuit of quality in the wine and the identity of the Winegrowers Elvio Pertinax is appreciated immediately. - Extract from Pertinace's website

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