Sauvion et Fils

Muscadet, Loire Valley

Château du Cléray Sauvion, one of the oldest estates of the Sèvre et Maine, is located near Vallet, in the centre of the Muscadet region.
Sometimes, on the hills of the Château du Cléray-Sauvion, a light ocean breeze blows, and sweeps gently across the vines like the God "Eole" in the mists of time. How romantic, and how suitable then, that the Château du Cléray-Sauvion vineyards should be baptized the "Eolie Region".
At first the Sauvion Family believed Eolie to be a beautiful myth, a delightful dream : however Eolie did exist some seven centuries before Christ. It was a region of the North West of Asia which today is called Mytilène (a Greek island close to Turkey). The Sauvion Family discovered too that in Eolie there lived Sappho and Alcée, the creators of lyrical art.
Muscadet is the Sauvion Family's "lyrical art", it represents and is made with their Passion.
Best wishes from "Eolie", the allegorical land where life is sweet !.. - Extract from Sauvion et Fils's website

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