Shadow Springs

North Carolina, Yadkin Valley

Founded in January 2005 with the purchase of pristine farmland in Hamptonville, NC, Shadow Springs Vineyards' first planting was in April of that same year. We planted 2 acres of Merlot and 2 acres of Cabernet Franc.
Shadow Springs Vineyard consists of 10.5 acres of grapevines with eight different varieties. Six varieties are French vinifera and two are French American hybrids. We chose this mix of grapevines to give our customers a wide variety of wines to please the palate. The trellis system we chose is called an open lyre. The “Y” shape allows us to split the vine into two sides. This helps control the vigor of the vine and gives us a larger harvest on a normal year. We have over 144 miles of galvanized wire in the vineyard. - Extract from Shadow Springs's website

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