Taylor Desserts

Finger Lakes, New York

Taylor Desserts was founded in 1880 with a seven-acre vineyard overlooking Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. It is the second largest Traditional Desserts brand in the country, with eight different blends (Port, Tawny Port, Cream Sherry, Dry Sherry, Golden Sherry, Sherry, Madeira and Marsala) and three sizes (750ml, 1.5L, and 3.0L) - more than any other national brand. Taylor Desserts skillfully blends the best New York State grapes to create a unique taste and depth of character, resulting in a sweet, smooth Concord grape taste with a nutty aroma. It's the perfect brand for everyday sipping, cooking and family gatherings. - Extract from Taylor Desserts's website