Tselepos Estate


Greece is par excellence a wine country with viticulture being one of the earliest activities since antiquity. Continuing this 3.000 year tradition of wine making, Tselepos family reveals the secrets of that very special combination leading to exceptional Greek wine. It is the fusion of rich Arcadian soil and quality vineyards sprinkled with passion for the art of wine making.
Tselepos family is one of the eminent producers and exporters of greek wine turning some of the most popular indigenous greek grape varieties into deliciously aromatic wines enjoyed worldwide.
It took Giannis Tselepos 10 years to carefully observe and study Arcadian vineyards so as to select the perfect location for the establishment of his Estate, which was founded at the eastern foothills of Mt Parnon; an ideal location due to its poor, clay-rocky terrain with excellent drainage guaranteeing high quality wine from Greece. - Extract from Tselepos Estate's website

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