Despite the growing size and industrialization of cities such as Turin, Piedmont has managed to maintain a distinctly charming atmosphere with its rolling hills and hilltop villages. Located in the North West of Italy, Piedmont is home to some of the world's most famous and bold red wines. Piedmont can boast a number of red DOCG wines, Barolo and Barbaresco are one most people will find familiar, however Carema, Gattinara and Ghemme are also produced here and all are made from the areas most respected grape, Nebbiolo, while Barbera d'Alba and Barbera d'Asti are made from Barbera. At their best, red wines from Piedmont are complex, with ripe red fruit and often a touch of earth or leather. Barolo and Barbaresco are always aged in wood.

Piedmont also offers an excellent array of white wines, often made from the Cortese grape, which produces light, crisp, citric wines or in Asti where drinkers are regularly delighted by the underrated and affordable sparkling whites, usually from the Moscato grape.

Piedmont has a continental climate, mainly due it's close proximity to the Alps.


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