2011 North Fork Bedell Cabernet Franc

North Fork Bedell Cabernet Franc 2011 Long Island, New York

Gareth 's tasting notes on this wine

Deep in color with the musty, yet pleasant aroma, of old leather bound books, with licorice and a little blackberry. Fresh red fruit palette, with a lot of white pepper smooth, very low tannin level but nice spice. Light medium body, with medium acidy. It's got clear characteristics of a Cabernet Franc with a New York twist, perhaps delivered via the more forward fruit. Really nice wine that I would recommend to anyone.

Where Gareth purchased this wine

D.O.C Wine Bar, Chicago

How much was paid for this wine

$12 per glass

The rating given by Gareth on this wine

This wine scored 5 corks

The date that this wine was reviewed

Sun, Jun 2, '13