Cabernet Franc

Vitis Vinifera, Red Grape

The Cabernet Franc varietal wine grape

At it's best, Cabernet Franc can possess a beautifully perfumed aroma, a smooth, soothing texture and a wonderful taste of raspberries and spices with refreshing minerality. It is therefore a shame that the original Cabernet grape is nowadays best know for being present to take away some of the roughness and add seasoning to Bordeaux's great Cabernet Sauvignon-based blends - make no mistake, of this task it does an excellent job, however Cabernet Franc has so much more to offer the wine drinking world. Further North in France in the Loire Valley's Chinon and Bourgueil, the grape, locally known at Cabernet Breton, is treated with more respect and as a result produces some wonderfully mouth-watering wines, full of raspberries and blackberries with superb balance and spice regularly considered the be the best examples of Cabernet Franc in the world.

The Italians also create Cabernet Franc based wines, most often in the Friuli region, although not with the critical acclaim of it's Loire Valley counterparts. Elsewhere in the world Cabernet Franc pops up, mainly in it's role as sidekick to Cabernet Sauvignon with growing success as varied as California, Washington, Canada, New Zealand, Chile and South Africa.



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