Pinot Noir

Vitis Vinifera, Red Grape

The Pinot Noir varietal wine grape

Pinot Noir is a notoriously fickle, sickly grape, susceptible to diseases and only grown in the parts of the world where the climate and soil types are just right. Wines made from Pinot Noir tend to be pale in color, translucent with subtle flavours. On the whole, wines made from Pinot Noir will produce low to medium tannins and medium to high acidity, taste will differ depending on where in the world it was made but regular flavours include cranberry, cherry and raspberry.
Pinot Noir is native to Burgundy's Côte d'Or and it is there where you will find what is largely agreed upon to be the best expressions of the grape, often among the most expensive wines in the world today. Here the grape produces earthy, barnyard scented wines with feint floral aromas.
Across the old world, Italy and Germany, along with new world representatives such as California, New Zealand's southern island and Oregon are all among the best places to find excellent examples of Pinot Noir outside of it's native France.